Project Details:

House of Representatives – Parking Garage
    Project Description:

TRC Worldwide Engineering, Inc. was selected by the State of Florida’s Department of Management Services to provide restoration services and project management oversight.


The two-level underground parking facility was dilapidated and unsafe as a result of aging. The interior of the garage structure was in need of restoration.

  • Conducted an existing condition survey to establish the scope of repair work, the budget, technical specifications and bid documents.
  • Provided construction management oversight:
    • Removed carbonated concrete spalled areas of walls and beams
    • Prepared exposed reinforcing to allow for flowable, polymer-modified repair mortar
    • Injected hydrophilic urethane grout to seal leaks in perimeter walls below grade
    • Replaced deflected concrete ventilation bulkhead with lighter economical steel framing and sheet metal enclosure
    • Applied penetrating surface treatment with migrating corrosion inhibiting admixture
      Project Scope:
  • 300 Cubic Feet Concrete Repair
  • 1,850 Linear Feet Crack Injection
  • 80,000 Square Feet Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Construction Cost: $330,000