West Elevation
East Elevation

Project Details:

The 1200 Club Condominium Association, Inc.

Project Scope:

  • Original windows, doors and shutters were replaced with new impact windows and sliding glass doors
  • Corroded concrete balustrade railing systems were replaced with new Kynar finished glass and aluminum railings
  • On the east elevation, new concrete masonry unit walls were installed to replace the wood framing and cladding system
  • New TPO roofing system was installed to provide exceptional resistance to heat, solar UV, ozone and oxidation, as well as to improve the roof system’s appearance and long-term performance
  • Bright white paint was selected to enhance the building, giving it a contemporary look

Project Timeline:
2011 – Condition study; replacement of entire east façade of the tower building
2012 – Replace fire-riser and water supply systems
2012- Replace windows / doors east elevation with impact systems
2013- Exterior concrete restoration/stucco/ balconies
2014 – Replace railing systems with new glass/aluminum systems
2015 – Waterproofing of all access catwalks and balconies
2016 - Project completed